Business FAQ

Business Frequently Asked Questions 

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How can I get my business listed in the online directory?


First of all, thanks for supporting!  Our online directory is how we share this info.  There are two types of listings: Standard and Featured.

Featured Listing:


These are Haitian businesses that have donated at certain levels and are acknowledged on the air.  If your business is interested in donating to and having your donation acknowledged on-air, contact us at 718-928-5774 to learn more about these partnerships.


Standard Listing:


A business donating to lavoixevangelique. These donations are made online through the donation form and donor must choose the option to have their business displayed on the Business Page. A minimum $20.00 donation is required per month to have your business displayed. A one-time donation of $300.00 allows your business to display the entire year to the Business Page. To get started on making a donation on behalf of your business, click here. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us


Once I make a pledge, will I be listed in the directory right away?


Yes! To set this up, be sure to check the box “Sign me up as a Business or Organization Account” and follow the prompts for your listing. Just make your qualifying pledge and your listing will be added the same day. If you need any help along the way, give us a call at 718-928-5774


I need to make changes to the information on my business account. How do I update my listing, address, or make gift changes?


You can update all of your information through My Account.


My business kind of fits in more than one category, what should I do?


Right now, we list businesses under just one category.  Choose the category that you feel is really the best fit.  If you don't see a category that describes your business, let us know.  In our next release, we might be able to add some new additions.  Just send your recommendations to .com.


How will LAVOIXEVANGELIQUE listeners know we are supporters?


Our online directory is just a click away and every business listed is a supporter.  You can also help spread the word by telling your customers about


I've heard some businesses mentioned on air. What's up with that?


It sounds like you've heard an announcement developed by our team.  Yes, there is a separate way to let our tens of thousands of radio listeners know about your business.  It's the equivalent of business underwriting on public radio and television.  It calls for investment levels similar to local radio advertising.  The benefit of this is called the "halo effect" because the audience hears your message in the Positive and Encouraging environment.  Without actually saying it, it says you believe in them.  There is also an opportunity for online exposure through ads on and other online outlets.  You can contact this team by calling 718-928-5774.


What about those great endorsements I've seen on the Business Page?


How do I get my comments listed?


When you make or update your business gift through My Account, you can check that you'd like to share your story or comment.  If it's a fit for our website, we'd love to include it.


Can I have both a personal and business account?


Yes! You can create both from My Account or give us a call at 718-928-5774 and we can help. Keep in mind that you will need separate login email addresses for each account that you set up.

I don't have a business so I can't sign up for this, but I'd sure love to find businesses in my area that I can


support. How do I do that?


Thanks for reaching out to your local area, that's awesome!  Just click directory and search by zip code or category to get a list of lavoixevangelique  business supporters in your area.  Be sure to mention us!  It's a great way to connect!


How come I can't find businesses in my area?


New businesses are joining all the time.  Be sure to check back!  If you have friends that have businesses, feel free to help spread the word.


Does my listing mean that K-LOVE endorses my business?


We encourage listeners to support businesses that support  However, listings are not official endorsements.


Will my business be solicited or put on mailing lists?


The online directory is public information, however, we respectfully ask that our visitors do not solicit their businesses.


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